Want to lose 2-4kg per month and sustain it?

Welcome to Asian Body Transformation Online Coaching

A Health And Fitness Coaching Program That Fits YOUR Unique Asian Lifestyle AND Help You Lose 2-4KG Per Month

Get in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life, with me, your Coach, Aqilah.


Hey fellow Asian person. ❤️

Hi, my name is Aqilah — I am Asian too. And I get it. Thanks to our amazing way of bringing up, we all probably suffer with some sort of:

  • Overthinking and always trying to be the best that we can in order to keep up with society's pressure
  • Running around all day every day to just show up to all our responsibilities
  • Way of eating that is so NOT chicken and broccoli. Hand me the $4 Nasi Lemak, teh tarik and mala please.
  • Having no time because we are so busy, all the time.
  • Confusion because we're surrounded by SO MANY diet supplements and slimming products.

And at the same time, we are told to lose weight, be healthier and achieve a healthy BMI. It's crazy I know.

But... You are not alone, my friend. I want to tell you this...

Yes, even with all the struggles of being Asian, you can stop dieting, lose weight and be in the best shape of your life forever.

How can I be so confident? See...

In 2010, I was diagnosed as being clinically obese. I was standing at 84kg and I fell sick every few weeks, needing to take time off work and school. I was jumping from diets to diets, trying out numerous plans such as the Low-fat Diet, Paleo, Meal Replacements and so much more.

But it never worked.

Until I decided to study what is right for the body, and get myself a mentor. That's when things started to change a whole 360 degrees for me. That's when I started to lose 20 kilos in eight month and changed my life forever.

Now imagine a daily routine where you have...

  • A fitness plan that aligns with your unique goals, body, and Asian schedule (no matter how hectic).
  • A holistic relationship with food that doesn't require you to only eat Western foods nor have a restrictive meal plan.
  • Tried and true systems that help you stick to your plan (even when motivation fades).
  • Confidence participating in the activities and hobbies your friends and family want to do with you - like climbing Mount Kinabalu or just going for that 10km Sundown Marathon.

And have it all without it taking over your schedule, ditching your friends and family, and feeling miserable…

Nutrition and fitness aren’t something that has to be suffered through – we can learn skills to integrate them into our lives and – dare I say – enjoy it! I’ll show you how.

Whether you're trying to...

✅ Lose 2-4kg a month and get back in shape (or get in shape for the first time)

✅ Hike up Mount Rinjani without feeling left behind

✅ Feel more confident by slimming down or leaning up

✅ Have a healthier relationship with food and enjoy your Nasi Padang without the guilt

✅ Have more energy throughout the day

✅ Finally stop the yo-yo dieting cycle

You are in the right place.

Now let me tell you this.

Even if you don't like your body and how it looks like right now. Even if you overeat and run to the nearest bubble tea shop when you're stressed. And even if you tried every single diet there is in this planet and failed.

You have the power in you to become healthier, happier and with so much confidence.

I know this because I've been in your shoes. I know this because I know what it's like to fail over and over again. I know this because I used to hate my body as much as you do.

And you are not alone.

Over the 12 years since I started coaching, I have helped hundreds of Asians change the way they eat, move and live without any crash dieting and exercise. Just look at these people I've had the honour to coach.

These people are not fitness models. They are not someone with better genetics than you. And they are not multi-millionaires who can afford the money and time in the world.

Some of them are working adults, some are stay at home mums with three little kids.

Some are single, some are married.

Some work a 9 to 5 job, some does shift work.

Some are in their 30s, a few are even in their 50s.

All of them live in Asia or are Asians.

They are all different men and women, all from different walks of life. But despite that, they have one thing in common.

They all have failed jumping from one diet to another and they feel tired and terrible.

They know what it's like to feel tired spending money on just another diet and yet failed.

They feel terrible for the amount of years they've spent hating their bodies, and they know it's time to make a change.

But over time, and after putting their trust in me, they developed a healthy relationship with food, exercise and most importantly, their bodies and themselves.

Even with a very busy schedule. Even with tons of responsibilities at work and home. And even if life was a struggle every day.

They made just one simple choice: To trust me to take care of their nutrition and exercise for many months and even years.

And over those times, they learned how to:

  • Sustainably lose weight without needing crazy diet pills or meal replacement shakes.
  • Learning how to make good nutrition choices without dieting, and then binge eating later.
  • Include healthy eating habits and exercise into her busy schedule without sacrificing her life.
  • Treat herself and her body better without needing to follow a diet again.

And in the next few minutes, I will show you how they can do it, and how you can too.

Welcome to Asian Body Transformation.

After training and coaching so many clients from all walks of life, some of them you've seen above, I've managed to solve the puzzle and answer one very big question - why do most people go on diets and still fail?

I've researched, cracked my brain and surveyed so many people just to find the answer. But specifically and most recently, I asked my first batch of coaching clients one very simple question - "How did you feel before you started coaching with me?" Yes, these are the people you've seen above, who've gone through tremendous changes after coaching.

Here are their raw and most honest answers.

"I feel like giving up... I've tried so many diets and programs and nothing has worked over the long term"

"I needed accountability. I know how to be healthy and I know I needed to exercise but I hate my body so much I don't think I can do it myself."

"I guess this is how I'm going to be for the rest of my life... So why bother changing?"

Can you relate to that?

I know for sure I can. I know what it's like to feel terrible about myself. And one reason for that is because we expect too much from ourselves.

We have high standards. We beat ourselves up too much for being lazy and incompetent and when things go way out of hand, we decide to do something about it. That's when we start to Google for diet plans and books and start proclaiming to the whole world that you're going to change your life.

But sadly, that positive energy does not last for long. Without accountability and help, we will run out of steam. And then we get carried away back to our old habits, self-pity and laziness and the cycle repeats itself.

So you've tried so many diets, right?

Another thing I asked my coaching clients is their history with diets and what they've tried in the past.

And here's what we gathered. Most of my clients have tried at least THREE of these below before working with me:

  • Calorie counting and MyFitnessPal
  • Personal training
  • Group workouts
  • Low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie diets
  • Instagram workouts from a certain trainer
  • Slimming centres

And yet they do not get the results they want. Which led me back to my first big question - "Why do these people go on these diets with specific exercise programs and meal plans and yet still fail?"

I knew there was something stopping them from getting to where they want.

I knew there was something. So I researched, interviewed hundreds of my followers and got three main problems.

Mistake #1: They try to do everything on their own

Let's face it. Something sad happens as we grow older. There's not many people around us who truly cares.

When we were younger and in school, we have tons of friends, BFFs and besties who are always there for us. But as we grow older, most of those relationships tend to slip away. We grow out of relationships and sometimes, we just part ways.

That's when most of us try to do things ourselves, especially when it comes to exercise and eating.

That's when we start reading books and searching through the Internet for answers.

And that's when we go out and try to do everything on our own.

It's great and all, but often we fail. Here's what really happens when we keep doing things ourselves.

  • We take on too much.
  • We start really strong and then give up.
  • We feel terrible because we can't stick with it.
  • We return back to our old self.
  • We start again with another diet when we feel okay again.
  • We repeat the cycle.

Now here's the truth: We know it's better if we have someone there for us. We know it's better if we can turn to someone especially when it comes to a lifelong change. We just don't do it.

Mistake #2: They focus too much on temporary solutions

Temporary solutions that doesn't solve the problems from the inside.

That's what we normally do. Let's think about it. Those methods I've mentioned above makes us feel good for a while, but rarely do they help us change our lives from the inside.

Want to count calories? Here's an app you can use.

Want to workout in a gym? Here sign up for this membership.

Want to lose weight fast? Here replace two meals with this chocolate shake thing.

The problem with these temporary solutions?

They do work, but only when things in your life are going smoothly. But think about it.

What happens to our gym membership when things get busy?

What happens when you're stressed at work and you really don't want to drink those shakes?

What happens when you're just not motivated to do anything?

What happens? We fall out of the bandwagon and all our hard work is over. We go back to where it started.

The thing is, when I first started out in my career as a trainer and a coach, I used to use these temporary solutions. I gave meal plans. Taught my clients some meal tips and the latest research.

It works. They love what they've learned from me. But they were having a very difficult time changing their habits.

Which is why when I noticed this, I started to learn how I can help them better. And that's when Coaching was born.

It's a system. It's a step by step, easy to follow process, something you can follow even when life gets in the way.

Mistake #3: They follow "expert" advice

There's a good percentage of us that don't really do things ourselves. We do go out and get help. But the problem is, we go and get it from the wrong people.

I put the word "expert" in quotation marks for one reason and it's definitely not to doubt the knowledge and expertise of certain people in the fitness industry.

I'm definitely not saying that people who are knowledgable and well-respected in the fitness industry is fake.

The reason why I put that in quotes is because there's a difference between an expert and a coach.

And here's where I want you to know.

An expert is charming and knows how to talk, give advice, present, write articles and so on about their beliefs and their ideas. A coach is a guide on your side. We listen, learn and adjust. The spotlight is not on them. It's on their clients.

When you're trying to change, you don't need to know what worked for someone else. You need to know what will work for you, based on research, constant testing and experimenting and feedback.

Sadly, most of us get help from experts and rarely do we have a coach beside us.

Which is what makes 1-Habit Nutrition different too: We coach our clients. We listen to you and understand you fully before even giving you any solutions. And when that happens, there's a lot of adjustments on the fly and adjustments. So it works for you.

I'm not going to give you the solution of what works for me. We do it for you.

Here's what you get in Asian Body Transformation 1-on-1 Coaching

Customised Monthly Training Program

I will create a workout plan that is tailored to your goals, body, and schedule. Everyone has different interests, motivations, and environments. I believe the best plan takes your unique circumstances into account. I’ll help you know exactly what to do and have fun doing it… without it completely taking over your life.

Customised Nutrition Coaching

No more one-size-fits-all nutrition plans that tell everyone they have to eat the exact same way. We all have different bodies and tastes, and an amazing Asian culture surrounding food that are foundational to our lives. I take the best principles of nutrition science and boil them down to be relevant to your own budget, schedule and health goals. No need to eat a specific way, or altogether avoid foods you love. Instead, we’ll look at your current eating patterns and help you develop a holistic relationship with food for the long haul.

Mental Resilience Coaching

Break through plateaus to unlock your full potential. Through my time working with people from all walks of life, I’ve realised there are a few key mindset shifts that all of our most successful clients make. These shifts will not only help you improve your own journey, but reduce stress, maintain consistency, and see lasting results. I’ll walk you through core concepts that have helped thousands of my clients succeed and how they might apply in your own life.

Sustainable Healthy Habits

I’ll teach you how to make things stick. We know that if you’re trying me out, you’ve probably tried other programs before that didn’t work for you. I recognize you are a human with lots of demands on your time and energy, so I focus on helping you build systems that will sustain you throughout the chaos and help you see progress towards your goals

Create a plan that fits YOUR life with Coach Aqilah.

Everyone's version of health is different. It can be...

⏰ Waking up having plenty of energy to tackle your busy day

⛰ Climbing one of those Asian mountains or go hiking in a country you’ve never been to

🏃 Registering for a 10km run with friends (and knowing you’re going to crush it!)

👪 Keeping up with your kids (and grandkids!) without worry

🍕 Being able to eat that Nasi Padang, sushi, drink bubble tea and not feely guilty (at last!)

🏆 Feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin

Your version of health doesn’t have to be the same as the influencer you follow on social media or your friend who is telling you, “you have to try this diet! I feel AMAZING!It’s my mission to help you achieve your own version of health.

While other programs may only look at one aspect of health, like fitness, I pride ourselves on a holistic approach that blends together fitness, nutrition, AND mindset changes so I can truly have an impact on my clients.

Here's how we do it together...



We will begin my exploring your needs, goals and work with you to truly understand your life's demand.



We will strategise a plan, together, yes together, that fits your life. Your input is welcomed.



I'll then work with you to create systems in your environment so you can build habits that lasts — not something that only lasts for a few months.



As we grow and go through life together, we will adjust or optimise your plan so you can keep moving forward at your pace, together with me.



As you hit goals and targets, we will celebrate your progress together and feel like a champ.

They did it - so can you

"Her coaching style in altering behaviour and enhancing performance offers a balanced approach. Coupled with her masterful programming skills, every training session is packed with all the goodness in allowing me to become a better version of myself."

- Shakira Z.

"Learning to eat well and exercise is the only solution to long-term weight loss. After spending most of my adult life overweight and out of shape, I made the right decision choosing Aqilah as my trainer and coach. I seriously couldn’t have done it without her."

- Diana H.

"Her extensive knowledge in physical training and nutrition proves valuable. I would always (and still will!) bombard her with tons of questions regarding fitness and nutrition, and she will always have the answers ready, even pointing me to sources where I could do my own read up."

- Herman H.

Know Exactly What To Do

Open up your app to see your habits and workouts for the day, all designed by me. Easy to access, understand, and complete.

Your program changes as you change – just as it should. 

Communication That Fits YOUR Schedule

Send messages to me at the time that works best for you – whether that’s first thing in the morning, on a quick break at work, at the gym, or as you are winding down at night. I’ll always get back to you by the next business day.

Even if you don’t have questions or feedback, I will still check in with you multiple times each week to adjust your program and hold you accountable.

Make Changes That Sticks

Track your food intake for me to see — if you want to do that! I understand not everyone likes to be micromanaged but if you need the accountability, I am here.

No more yo-yoing with your fitness and nutrition goals. Develop habits that last.

Train Safely and Effectively in the Most Fun Way You Know.

Exercise with the security of knowing your plan is built with your needs in mind – taking your previous injury history, equipment, and goals into account.

Take your workouts to the next level with our built-in form check. Send videos of your exercises to me for feedback –keeping you safe and strong whether you are working out at home, in a gym, or on the road.

Celebrate Your Progress

Let's take the time to celebrate all that you have accomplished!

Whether that’s:

  • Hitting a new milestone in your training
  • Noticing that it’s easier to run
  • Feeling differences in how your clothes fit
  • Improving your energy levels, mood, and sleep
  • Tracking progress using measurements or progress photos

There are so many ways to measure success together with me.

Know That I Am Always Keeping An Eye On You

I get it – life is crazy and unpredictable. I am here to help. I have a complete view of the actions you take (and don’t take) each day. 

If I notice you’re drifting, I’ll do an accountability check and proactively adjust your program so you can keep progressing towards your goals – even when things feel like they are on 🔥. 

Most importantly...

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to changing your lifestyle is to balance the demands of life and showing up.

Knowing when to push harder, when to give yourself permission to dial down and when to stay the course is the secret sauce of getting results.

With me, that guesswork no longer have a space in your brain.

Your job is to show up and communicate any challenges that you may be facing.

My job is to meet you where you are, make any necessary adjustments and continue customising your plans to make sure it is the right fit for your life.

I will have full view of the work you’ve done and where you want to go. 

I know the challenges you’re up against, I can see when you’ve been consistently crushing workouts or tasks, and I know the path.  Whether you want to build a plan for strength, weight loss, or just want to have more energy for daily life, I got you, and I’ll show you the way.

I have helped hundreds of Asians unlock their superpowers and find permanent, lasting change

While their lifestyle, goals and starting points are completely different, they did one thing...

Work with me to create the perfect plan for them.

They approached the Coaching relationship with an open mind for collaborationexperimented with different types of skills to find what worked best, and built a structure uniquely their own that struck a balance between “regular life” and getting healthy.

Along the way, they learned when to lean in and push themselves and when to have patience and scale things to fit their life’s circumstances. 

They trusted me to remove the guesswork and hold them accountable, and now they’ve each surpassed their initial goals and are pushing the limits of what they thought was possible!

Here's what you can expect from me

  • A structured, tailor made roadmap that guides you through incremental habit change
  • Customised workouts based on your goals, preferences, and available equipment
  • Nutritional guidance and strategies that focus in on solutions that work for your life
  • A professional coach (aka ME!) with certifications and training in the areas that matter most to you
  • Expert form checks so you feel confident in the way your body is moving
  • A collaborative relationship where I ask for your input before making decisions
  • Unwavering encouragement, support, and accountability
  • Video and text messages within the app or WhatsApp
  • Fortnightly check-ins on Zoom
  • One business day response time to all questions, and a minimum of 2-3 check ins per week to assess how things are going
  • Backup and emergency plans for social or stressful situations
  • A completely judgment-free zone 
  • An enthusiastic Coach who actually cares about your long term success

Here's what I expect from you

  • An open mind that approaches the process of getting healthy as an experiment
  • Regular, honest communication, particularly when things are challenging
  • Patience, consistency, and trust in the process
  • A commitment that you’ll make your own health a priority, knowing we can adjust the dial for any situation

Common Questions

Can you just tell me what to do?

I hear you! After trying a lot of different things in the past without finding the success you’re after, it can be super tempting to let go of control and rely on someone else to just give you the answers. 

will build a clear, structured plan for you to follow, and I want you to be involved in some of the decisions that are made. After all, YOU are the expert about your life and what’s realistic to commit to. After collaborating and getting your input, I’ll take the baton and turn those ideas into a plan.

Is there going to be a meal plan?

Meal plans fall into the category of “sounds great in theory…not so much in practice.” Instead of giving you strict orders to eat specific foods at specific times, we’ll work together to build a habit-based nutritional strategy that works for you in any situation and focuses on foods you enjoy eating.

In practice that looks something like this: 

Instead of instructing you to eat a specific meal at a specific time, we might focus on getting one serving of protein twice a day, one serving of veggies at each meal, or even putting your fork down between bites for one meal (don’t underestimate the power of this one!). Then we help you put that in practice using your favourite foods and troubleshoot any challenges along the way. Once that becomes a habit, we level up!

Through this habit-based structure, I’ll help build your confidence in the kitchen to take the guesswork out of the what/when/why/how of staying nourished. Ultimately, our goal is to give you daily action steps to practice that will build skills within the realm of nutrition you can utilise for the rest of your life.

What if I want to follow a certain diet or have nutritional restrictions?

No problems! I am completely diet agnostic and I want to find a nutritional strategy that will work for you. We can apply our principles of nutritional skill and habit development to any kind of diet.

How often do I talk to my coach?

I will stay in close contact with you throughout our time together to answer questions, offer guidance and hold you accountable. You can send me messages through WhatsApp any time - day or night. I will respond within 1 business day.

We will also be checking-in via Zoom every fortnight.

Whether you touch base or not, I'll still check in 2-3 times a week to review your progress and make any adjustments.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

Honestly? It depends. While the goal is to help you lose 2-4kg per month, it also depends on your circumstances.

When you begin the program, we will talk through any goal expectations you have and what it will take to achieve them. You’ll continue to have regular checkpoints to make any necessary adjustments and have candid conversations about any changes in pace to consider.

With consistent work, we hope you start feeling a shift in your mindset and approach to getting healthy within 4-6 weeks. Overall, you’ll get out what you put in, but you should approach this journey as a long-term commitment. My most successful clients typically stay with me a minimum of 6 months.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope there isn't. If you join Asian Body Transformation Online Coaching, you can end your membership any time. You will be billed monthly, every three months, every six months or every year depending on which package you choose. I don't believe in keeping my clients forever - some of you may need just a few months of hand holding. However, to truly see the most beneficial results, most people will take 3-4 months. Some might need 1 or 2 years. Either way once we both feel you can go your own way, then there's not a need to stay on forever.

I have injuries and/or other medical conditions. Can you help me?

That is fine. Before we begin we will discuss this thoroughly. If you have a physio, chiro, osteo or you work with a medical doctor for any of your conditions, I can work collaboratively with them for your plans. I have certifications and experience working with various injuries and medical conditions including PCOS.

How Much Does It Cost

In-person trainers in Singapore can cost anywhere between $80-200+ per hour – based on a wide variety of experience levels, gym overhead, and location.

Plus, many of these gym training sessions don’t address your nutrition or your mindset challenges related to long-term change.

When you join Asian Body Transformation, there'll be no contract to sign. You’re free to continue the service at a monthly rate of SGD500 for as long as you are hitting your goals and finding value in the accountability and structure I provide.

I also have discounted opportunities for those ready to commit to their long-term health and want to pre-pay for 3 months up front that can save you even more money.

Let's Get Started

If you're ready, click the button below to schedule a free, no-obligation Discovery Call. I do this for all my clients to make sure I know about you and we're a great fit before we begin. During the call, I will be asking you a lot of questions as we discuss about your life, your struggles, and your goals before working out the best level of support for you.

I know that this is important to you.

And I believe I can help.

If you don't get any results in the first month we're working together, I want to give you your money back.

No fine prints. No rules.

Just a Coach who want to see you succeed – and teach you how to avoid the pitfalls I’ve seen so many people fall into.

I’d love to talk to you more about your own personal goals one-on-one to see if we may be a great fit for one another!

So if you are ready to make a change, your next step is easy...

Either sign up now or schedule a Discovery Call below. If you're ready to change your life, I'll be happy to welcome you to the family. ❤️